What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here are just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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When I found myself dealing with a pre foreclosure situation in Florissant, MO, time was of the essence. The foreclosure date was looming, and I needed a capable investor who could act swiftly and confidently. That’s when I connected with Brian through a local Facebook investor group.

From our initial conversation, it was evident that Brian not only understood the urgency but also had the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of a pre foreclosure. I was impressed by how quickly he verified the information I provided and took decisive action. 

Brian’s ability to close the deal promptly was instrumental, but what truly set him apart was his understanding of the foreclosure procedures. He successfully pushed back the foreclosure date, providing much-needed breathing room for the owners and allowing for thorough due diligence. 

This transaction wasn’t without its challenges, but Brian’s moral compass and sharp-minded approach ensured that everyone involved walked away with a win. Looking back, I appreciate the experience and the valuable lesson of finding an investor I can trust for future acquisitions. 

I’m genuinely thankful for Brian’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment to achieving positive outcomes. I look forward to more profitable and purposeful collaborations in the near future. 

- Glenn Miller

The home was in need of a lot of repairs. I also wanted to live closer to my son.

I thought it would be better to sell to an investor. 

The process of selling the house in my situation would be easier selling to an investor.

The process was somewhat easy. I believe selling the traditional way would have been difficult.

- Opal Midgett

The process was very quick and easy. Great staff to work with. We had an offer the same day as the initial phone call. After the contract was signed, the closing was done very promptly.  I was skeptical at first, but the team of people with Velocity are fantastic.

- Joe Reno

My Brother and I recently inherited the house that our Aunt was living in. The house had been in the family for more than 100 years, being built by my great grandfather. It had been the home to several generations. After losing our Aunt, we were anxious to sell the house and not let it remain vacant for too long. We were unsure how to proceed. My son heard the Velocity advertisement on a local radio station. My brother called Justin and arranged to meet him at the house. Justin was very polite and understood our situation completely. He even appeared excited to have a chance to buy the house and was happy to be the first to own the house that had never been on the market. We were extremely relieved when he told us he was interested and that we would be able to close quickly.

The process was very quick and Justin made the sale extremely simple. He and his team kept us updated and provided us with a quick closing for which we could not have been happier. I would definitely recommend Velocity Home Buyers to others in similar situations.

Thank you to Justin and his team.

- Keith Precht

I had a pleasant experience when selling my parents home. Velocity made a fair offer to buy the house for cash, as-is. Justin Powell was very nice to deal with and the closing went very smoothly.  I would recommend them if you are looking to sell fast. It was a positive experience!

- Jennifer Caskanett

When we finally convinced our brother to move closer to family, we felt his home would be a challenge. He had lived there over 40 years. Having to go through all his belongings and actually sell the house was a process we weren’t looking forward to tackling.  We heard about multiple companies who purchase homes without all the hassles of open houses, wayfair fees, etc. We reached out and spoke to several businesses, but then my sister and I heard Velocity’s advertisement on the radio and called. After speaking with Justin, knew we would go with this company. Justin was approachable, appeared honest, and promised to make the process as smooth as possible. He answered all our questions, and my family agreed to a home price. Now that we’ve closed on the property, we all feel relieved. My brother is now able to let go of the pressure of owning and caring for a home. Thank you for all your assistance.

- Ann McCoy

Justin from Velocity Home Buyers came to my house and that day he became my saving grace in this mess I was in. He took time to look around the house, learn the history, listen to my situation, and even asked me why I hadn’t attempted to make more money by listing it (I had several reasons). He wanted to buy the house, but also wanted to do what was best for me with no pressure. We sat down and discussed what I needed to take away in regards to an offer that would benefit both of us. When I explained what I had hoped to be able to walk away with, he said that could be done. I was thrilled, a win-win for both of us right? I then remembered how my last deal had fallen through with buyers before Velocity. What if he backed out like last person did? I didn’t want to get my hopes up and be let down again. So I just prayed it all would work out. Less than 24 hours later I was so relieved when I had a deal with a contract that made it official. I could finally breathe. Thank you so much to everyone who helped through the whole process and made it so easy. The people I worked with through all of this were nothing but amazing and understanding. I would recommend the team at Velocity to anyone.  If they can do it, they will make it work for everyone. Thanks again.

- Angela Betts

I accepted a job offer in Florida, and needed to move. I was planning to list my house with an agent or on Facebook by owner. I heard about velocity via kshe95 (radio station) and figured I would give them a call. Justin completely sold the deal, and is the reason why I went with Velocity. Velocity was able to help even after a buyer they found retracted their offer. Justin was quick to figure out a solution and made it an easy transaction. I feel good that it is over. Justin was great!

- Trey Mellon

My wife and I had been renting from an individual homeowner who needed to sell her home quickly because her daughter had been accepted to Alabama University.  The homeowner needed money for the tuition. When we were told the home was being sold, my family was panicked and in desperate and dire need to pack and begin looking for new housing.  Quite a lot to stomach for a family of 5 who built our lives in the area around the home. Velocity bought the home, but took time to understand our situation with research and the had the ability to get to know our family.  Velocity offered my family to stay and pay rent with the potential to possibly buy as our credit situation improved. Now my family feels safe knowing that we are cared for and have a personal connection with our landlords.  The knowledge that our ability to still live here and continue to improve our situation makes parts of our everyday life easier to deal with.  Lifesavers !!!

- David Hollis

Before I found Velocity Homebuyers, I was basically stuck between a rock and a hard place. Long story short, I was dealing with a tragic situation with my boyfriend that landed him in a spot that took away his freedom. With that being said, he needed the money to get a lawyer and had appointed me Power Of Attorney so I could handle all his responsibilities. I started looking for someone to  buy the house. I got a couple of leads and I showed the house a few times. I received 2 offers but something went wrong every time, which made it even more difficult to complete the sale. I was so stressed out dealing with that situation because I’d never had to deal with anything like this on my own. Driving to work one day, I heard the commercial for Velocity Home Buyers on the radio and decided to call but I immediately hung up. I was thinking to myself, “Do I really want to deal with this again?”

I guess the call still went through because an hour later somebody was calling me from the office. We kept missing each other‘s calls, then they finally got in touch with me. I scheduled  the appointment with Justin and he met me over there. We had a great talk, I explained my whole situation to him and he told me right then and there I didn’t have to worry anymore and he would help me. He did just that. I could not thank this company enough for helping me complete the sale and taking all that stress off of my shoulders. They took care of everything and I barley had to do anything on my end. They were available every time I needed something. Now that the house is sold I can breathe. Thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart. 

- Cydne Oliver