10 Surprising Things That Could Be Affecting Your Home’s Value Right Now

There are a lot of things that go into the calculation of your home’s market value. While most people think that the physical condition of the property and its location are the only factors considered, there are actually quite a few things that can decrease your home’s value – even if you don’t realize it! 

Here Are 10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know That Decrease Home Value:

#1 Bad Neighbors

Sometimes bad neighbors aren’t even aware of their negative impact on others around them – but it can still have a real effect on the value of your home. Whether they are loud, inconsiderate, or just plain unpleasant people to live next door to, they may scare potential buyers away from your property 

Do you live near a registered sex offender? Even if you aren’t near the individual, having one in your neighborhood decreases the value of your home.

#2 Negative History

Negative history is one of the biggest things that can decrease a home’s value. Whether it’s due to murders, suicides, or other crimes, having this kind of negative history in your home can make potential buyers wary and hesitant to purchase. Some buyers may even be unwilling to consider homes in areas with these kinds of histories at all.

#3 Too Much Personalization

If you’ve made too many personal changes to your home (e.g., painted every room a different color), it can be more difficult for buyers to envision themselves living there.It’s best to stick to more neutral tones and designs that will appeal to a wider range of people.

#4 Poor Curb Appeal

How appealing is your home from the outside? If your home doesn’t look good from the street, potential buyers will be turned off before they even step inside. Expect your property value to drop if your yard is in bad shape or filled with clutter. On the other hand, expensive landscaping like a koi pond, might depreciate your home’s value because many homeowners are unwilling to deal with the additional care. 

#5 Exterior Painting

Fading, chipped, or peeling exterior paint is a significant turnoff. Another disadvantage is painting your house in an unusual hue. Neutral hues such as gray, white, cream, and beige are popular with buyers. So choose your colors carefully and repaint the outside when it begins to fade.

#6 Cluttered Or Outdated Interiors

Once potential buyers are inside your home, they’ll be turned off by clutter, old furnishings, or dated decor. Make sure your home is clean and well-organized, and consider updating your furnishings or painting your walls if they look a bit drab.

#7 Needed Repairs

Have you got a leaking roof, damaged siding, or a sputtering HVAC system? If that’s the case, it’s better to deal with them right away. Allowing them to accumulate on your to-do list will only depreciate the value of your house. Furthermore, the longer you wait, the more expensive it is to fix these problems.

#8 Foreclosure Properties Nearby

A foreclosure near your house lowers the value of your home. This is because appraisers utilize comparable selling prices in your community to determine the worth of your house. Furthermore, foreclosed properties may lie uninhabited for an extended period without being maintained. That doesn’t speak well for the value of your home.

#9 Proximity To Certain Locations

Being too close to power plants, cemeteries, strip clubs, homeless shelters, funeral homes, hospitals, or other places can make your home less desirable and lower its value.

#10 A Small kitchen

A cramped, outdated kitchen is often a deal-breaker for potential buyers. If your kitchen feels too small or dated, consider doing a renovation to make it more open and inviting. Even something as simple as painting the walls or cabinets can give it a fresh, new look.

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